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Liebherr L566 Xpower

Dickie Toys Liebherr L566 XPower wheel loader: It really cleans up! No construction site is complete without a typical Liebherr wheel loader. With the Dickie Toys Liebherr L566 XPower wheel loader, this well-known vehicle now makes its entry into the children's room. The toy wheel loader with freewheel function incorporates many of the original's design details and has a battery-powered shovel arm. The bucket itself can be moved manually to transport sand and co. from A to B. The batteries included ensure that the wheel loader delivers realistic sound and exciting lighting effects. Just insert and children from the age of three can create their own play scenarios with role models from life.
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Excavate on a grand scale with the Construction Digger! Watch inquisitive children's eyes light up: a big digger chomps its way gradually into the ground and the builder creates space for a cellar, new houses or big fat pipes. The Dickie Toys Construction Digger allows children to recreate life on a building site on a grand scale. The digger arm and bucket can be raised and lowered at the push of a button - just like real construction vehicles. The young builder can rotate the cabin manually so it faces in whichever direction he wants! Interchangeable attachments, light and sound effects provide a varied play experience. So the kitchen table or living room carpet is transformed into a building site. Give imaginative children lots of entertainment with the Construction Digger from Dickie Toys!
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Giant Crane

For the crane driver of tomorrow! Impressive vehicles and interesting noises: lots of children find building sites really exciting. It's rare for them to get as close to the action as they can with the Dickie Toys Construction Crane. Because the one-metre high toy shows exactly how a crane works. The remote control open cabin rotates by 350 degrees. The hook goes up and down by remote control, just like the real thing. The crane comes with accessories so the builder can decide which heavy load should be safely transported next. Children can spend many unique and exciting hours planning and building their very own town. Because there's nothing more exciting in a playroom than the big wide world. Be inspired and choose fantastic present ideas with high-quality children's toys from Dickie Toys
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Liebherr Excavator

Liebherr Excavator: almost as impressive as it's full-size counterpart! The Liebherr Excavator from Dickie Toys boasts virtually all the functions of its full-scale counterpart, the Liebherr R918 digger. The toy version with cable remote control boasts full driving functions. Even the cabin rotates at the press of a button. Realistic sound effects and a manually operated crane arm with bucket finish off this highly detailed toy for children aged three and over. Ever fancied driving a digger? Then this will make your dreams come true.
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Mighty Excavator

It's all go in the playroom with the Construction Mighty Excavator! Of course, a child's imagination is the best play companion. But the building site in the playroom can only really come to life with a little bit of help. The Dickie Toys Construction Mighty Excavator with cable remote control fascinates children with its full driving functions, light and sound effects - just as if it's come straight from the nearest big building site. The cabin and excavator arm with bucket move just like the full-scale original. The custom mud-splatter effect rounds off the realistic impression. Give the gift of imaginative play with quality toys from Dickie Toys!
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Road Loader

The Construction Wheel Loader: how about building a new road? Warning - construction site! The Dickie Toys Construction Wheel Loader helps young builders to put the roads in order in their imaginary play world. Using the manually adjustable shovel and battery-operated arm, the construction vehicle carries gravel and other building materials to the site of all the action - just like its full-size counterpart. Light and sound effects give the toy an exciting realistic edge that make it even more fun. The Wheel Loader with open cabin awakens the child's interest in a career as a construction worker and inspires imaginative play. Transform the playroom into an imaginative mini building site with the Dickie Toys Construction toy!
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