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Transformers M6 4-Pack

"The new Dickie Toys Transformers 4-Pack contains a full Bumblebee set with a scale of 1:64. The set consists of two high-quality die-cast freewheeling toy cars, and two of the popular Bumblebee die-cast robot figures. Suitable for children aged 3 and over. • Transformers Bumblebee Die-Cast 4-Pack • Freewheeling vehicles with moving parts • Bumblebee M5 Chevrolet Camaro & Bumblebee M6 VW Beetle • Including 2 die-cast robots with movable arms and legs from movies 5 and 6 • Scale 1:64 • Length: 6 cm • Recommended age: 3+ years "
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Transformers M5 Robot Fighter Bumblebee

Dickie Toys Robot Fighter Bumblebee: Let's go, Autobots! From a vehicle to a robot and back again: This is the fascination of the Transformers, which once again in the fifth movie in the Transformers series experience many different adventures. The Dickie Toys Robot Fighter Bumblebee has virtually the exact same functionality as its movie counterpart. The free-wheeling toy car in a flash turns into a robot and back again. The light and combat-sound function increases the entertainment value even further. The required batteries are already in the vehicle, so fans aged three years and upwards can start playing with it straight away and come up with their own ideas as to how the Autobots could triumph over the Decepticons.
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Transformers M6 Bumblebee Robot

"The Dickie Toys Transformers M6 Bumblebee Robot is creating a stir! The Autobot Bumblebee is a central figure in the latest film in the Transformers series, – and a bit of a smart aleck. In the playroom, the Dickie Toys Transformers M6 Bumblebee Robot is as high-quality and detailed as fans aged 3 years and upwards could possibly want. The toy robot consists of a durable die-cast metal housing, and has moveable arms and legs. When Bumblebee meets the other robots in the Dickie Toys Transformers series in the playroom, things really kick off. • Transformers Bumblebee Robot • High-quality die-cast metal housing • Moveable arms and legs • Scale 1:64 • Length: 6 cm • Recommended age: 3+ years "
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Transformers M6 Bumblebee Vehicle

"Dickie Toys Transformers M6 Bumblebee Everybody’s favourite Bumblebee appears in the playroom as a high-quality freewheeling toy car in the form of a rusty Transformers Bumblebee Beetle from Dickie Toys. The high-quality die-cast metal housing with the latest Bumblebee look underlines the robot's features – no collection belonging to fans aged 3+ should be without it. • Transformers Bumblebee Beetle • Free-wheeling toy car • High-quality die-cast metal housing • With opening bonnet • Scale 1:64 • Length: 6 cm • Age recommendation: 3 years+ "
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