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Sponge Bob Walkie Talkie

Sponge Bob Walkie Talkie: Sponge Bob and Patrick are best friends and would almost certainly communicate with the Sponge Bob Walkie Talkies from Dickie Toys. The two-piece set contains one handset featuring Sponge Bob and the other Patrick. They have a range of up to 200 metres outdoors, and feature noise cancelling technology for perfect speech quality. So that children aged three and over can start chatting immediately, they come supplied with batteries. This innovative toy from Dickie Toys works on a frequency of 433 MHz and give ideas for young secret agents, detectives and world explorers.
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Walkie Talkie Police

The 17 cm ""Police"" walkie talkie set has a working range of up to 80 metres depending on the terrain and conditions. The walkie talkie comes with a flexible aerial and users are not required to register with a local communications authority or to pay a licence fee. Each set consists of two walkie talkies. Batteries included (2x 9 V 6F22) Recommended for children from age 4.
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