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Cargo Lifter

Dickie Toys Cargo Lifter: at the right place at the right time! Agile, zippy and accurate – that's what Linde forklifts are famous for. The Cargo Lifter from Dickie Toys is a scaled down model of its full-size counterpart. The moving forks lift the palette and box and the friction-driven forklift truck transports its load to the right place at the right time. That's how to bring logistics into the playroom – and of course carefully conceived fun for children aged three and over. The zippy forklift is complemented by a play figure who controls everything from the realistically designed driver's cab. This superb vehicle makes a great present that gives an interesting insight into the world of warehousing and is a realistic model that will also delight grown-up collectors. • friction-driven model forklift truck • moving forks • includes driver figure • with palette and box • scale: 1:24 • recommended age: 3-5 years
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Rescue Station

The alarm sounds: heroes needed at the SOS Rescue Centre! An emergency call comes into the rescue centre. No time to hang around! All of the emergency crews get themselves ready and hurry bravely to the scene. The Dickie Toys SOS Rescue Centre gives children the opportunity to experience everyday life at a control centre at close quarters. Realistic light and sound effects give young rescuers the feeling of being really close to the action. The fire car and police car have been modelled on the real vehicles: the fire brigade hurries to the scene of the accident in a VW Amarok, and the police in a Porsche 911. Then they go back to the garage and wait for the next emergency call. The Rescue Centre is a perfect way to give children a gentle introduction to the emergency services. Give children the gift of action-packed pretend play and educational fun! • original name: Rescue Station • freewheel mechanism • light and sound effects • batteries included • length: 15 cm • recommended age: 3-5 years
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S.O.S. Team Set

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