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City Liner

The City Liner tram always has priority! The Dickie Toys City Liner tram is an exciting addition to the varied range on offer to young vehicle lovers. The toy tram features opening doors and its freewheel mechanism means it doesn't need rails to run along the playmat. The interior has been carefully designed to replicate that of its big counterparts on the city streets. This gives children aged three and over an insight into a fascinating vehicle in which they themselves may often be passengers.
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City Train

Dickie Toys City Train: the clever way to travel! There really should be a full-size version of the Dickie Toys City Train. Instead of running on rails, it runs on wheels with a freewheel mechanism and travels to everywhere passengers want to go in toy town. Otherwise the model is just like its full-scale counterpart on rails. It has an opening roof and doors so that children can look into the carefully designed interior and see the individual details of a regional train close-up. Measuring 45 centimetres, the train makes a really eye-catching addition to a display, making it a popular collector's piece for older railway fans.
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