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Happy Boat

"Dickie Toys Happy Boat: This is how water fun goes! Experience a feature-rich toy with loving details for the youngest age groups! floating toy, squirts water, freewheel boat, friendly look Dickie Toys Happy Boat: Make bath time fun! With the Dickie Toys Happy Boat, every visit to the bathtub is a treat for children over the age of one. The boat with freewheel is not only great fun on land, it also floats. With its friendly face, it floats through the water and invites you to discover its moving parts. The octopus holds a cheeky secret: It can be used to squirt water and make bath time even more fun. And while you're at it, the Dickie Toys Happy Boat awakens understanding and interest in technical processes and trains motor skills. • Original designation: Happy Boat • Toy with freewheel • Floats on water • Includes 1 octopus that squirts water • Moveable parts • Length: 25 cm • Age recommendation: 1-3 years "
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Happy Scania Garbage Truck

Happy Scania Garbage Truck: makes order and cleanliness fun! How does a bin lorry work? Who's really responsible for keeping the town clean? It's fascinating questions like this that even the youngest children come out with, and the Happy Scania Garbage Truck from Dickie Toys is a fun way to give them their first answers. The jolly bin lorry is a scaled-down motorised version of a real Scania truck and can move forwards and backwards. It can also freewheel. The loading platform is raised mechanically, as is the dustbin that also comes with the set. And of course, because a big truck like this has to make its presence felt, the vehicle is equipped with light and sound. It's also perfect for very little ones, because the Happy Scania Garbage Truck has rounded corners, as well as being colourfast and saliva-resistant. All of these features make it a lasting companion for children aged one and over who will keep coming back to play with it again and again.
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IRC Happy Lamborghini Huracan Police

"The IRC Happy Lamborghini: introduction to the world of sports cars! Dickie Toys is proud to present the IRC Happy Lamborghini: a remote control car for young children that they'll simply adore. Because a smart little Lamborghini - particularly one sporting such a cheery design - is sure to awaken a love for the most beautiful sports cars in the world. The sportster is operated by a simply designed and easily operated infrared remote control. Rounded corners and sturdy manufacture mean that it's tough enough for even the youngest child to test out the amazing technology. Depending upon the environment and surface, the IRC Happy Lamborghini can reach speeds of up to 2 km/h, making it unlikely to cause any damage. A flashing light on the top makes the sports car even more appealing to the senses. This cheery toy car encourages youngsters to discover how remote control works as well as training abstract spatial awareness. All good preparation for when the time comes to take the real driving test.        
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RC Happy Scania Fire Engine

Dickie Toys RC Scania Fire Engine: off to the next emergency! The Dickie Toys RC Scania Fire Engine gives young children a perfect introduction to the world of remote control cars. The fire engine is operated by a 3-channel remote control, featuring big buttons and an ergonomic design to make it easy for inexperienced little hands to grasp. The fire engine doesn't just have flashing lights and sound on the remote control, but a push of a button makes the vehicle turn round and round on the spot with its siren sounding. Each driving function has a special sound. To activate the unique warning simulation function you simply push the top left button. When the siren sounds, the fire brigade rushes to the scene of the fire accompanied by the sound of squealing tyres and its nee-naw siren, and ends its emergency mission with the sound of a water extinguisher. The middle button on the remote control also acts as a horn, in case the siren isn't warning enough. But you'll be pleased to know that the sound functions can all be turned off when you need some peace and quiet! The red emergency vehicle can scoot along at up to 3 km/h on a smooth surface. The vehicle is nice and sturdy, so copes perfectly with ill-judged bends and little crashes. This RC toy from Dickie Toys encourages the youngest children to train their coordination and develop an understanding of cause and effect.
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Happy Fendt

"All children love driving tractors! Ploughing the field, getting wood, keeping the animals supplied with hay: there's always lots to do on the farm. So thank goodness for the Dickie Toys Happy Tractor! With its rounded shape and no dangerous corners and edges, the toy tractor is perfectly designed for little hands. And the big eyes give it a friendly expression. And the saliva-resistant tractor has a freewheel mechanism. The children's toy has been developed in collaboration with Fendt and hones the fine motor skills as well as young farmers' taste for adventure! Go on a journey of discovery with Dickie Toys and make your little treasure's day with the Happy Tractor! • freewheel mechanism • colourfast and saliva-resistant • rounded corners • no easily swallowed small parts • length: 25 cm • recommended age: 1-3 "
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