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City Fire Engine

Fire extinguisher to the ready - with the SOS fire engine! Firefighters earn a great deal of well-deserved admiration with their bravery. No sooner has the emergency call been made, than they rush to the scene of the incident and fight alongside each other to save peoples' lives. The Dickie Toys SOS Fire Engine puts children into the role of their heroes. With blue light and sound effects that can be switched on and off, the fire engine with ladder drives to the scene of the incident. Budding fire fighters wage war on the fire with the manual water hose. The moving parts on this MAN fire engine make the imagined scenario even more realistic. Whether playing alone or with friends - budding fire fighters get a child's perspective of the heroic lifesavers with toys from the SOS range. Experience the fun of the SOS vehicles from Dickie Toys and thrill your children with this high-quality fire engine!
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Fire Hero

Experience action with the SOS Fire Engine! What should you do when there's a fire? Firefighters are always on call and work as a team to battle courageously against the flames. Whether alone or with friends: the friction-driven Dickie Toys SOS Fire Engine modelled on a MAN design inspires children to re-enact exciting rescue missions. Light and sound effects guarantee that the youngsters will feel just like their real life role models. The manual fire hose provides extra fun. The removable roof lets the aspiring firefighters take a peak into the inside of the vehicle. And there's a special extra too in the form of a microphone, so that the supervisor's instructions can be heard clearly by everybody. Keep the fire under control and discover Dickie Toys' exciting world of play.
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MAN Fire Engine

Dickie Toys MAN Fire Engine: Two vehicles – one mission! The Dickie Toys MAN Fire Engine combines detailed discovery with the exciting fun of a function-packed freewheel toy vehicle. The typical German fire truck is available in two versions? The first model, a classic fire engine, has an opening side panel that gives children a glimpse into the job of a fire fighter. The ladders on the roof are removable. The second version is modelled on a typical ladder truck featuring an extending ladder with basket. This gives the two vehicles a completely unique play character, making them the perfect present for inquisitive world explorers and budding firefighters.
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Police Bike

Two-wheeled manhunt - with the SOS Police Motorcycle! Many children regard police on motorcycles as heroes. They weave round all obstacles at high speed and are brave guardians of law and order. The Dickie Toys SOS Police Motorcycle brings fast-paced street action into the playroom. With blue light flashing and siren blaring, little ones get off to a flying start on what feels like a very grown-up adventure. The toy comes with a driver figure who fits perfectly onto the motorcycle. The motorcycle from the SOS range makes a great gift and allows children to explore a police officer's everyday work on two wheels through play. Browse through the world of SOS vehicles at Dickie toys for exciting playtime fun for all ages.
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Police Bike Set

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Police Helicopter

A 24 cm battery-powered helicopter with rotor blades that can be moved by pulling the strings. The tailgate can be opened as well.
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Police Stop

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Porsche 911 Police

Time to target the crooks: Police Porsche 911 in action! Whether engaged on a wild chase or roadside checks: police officers are always ready to intervene for a good cause. They are responsible for maintaining order on the roads and in general. With the Dickie Toys SOS Police Porsche with blue light, young police officers have right on their side. Modelled closely on the full-scale vehicle, the model is operated by cable remote control, which is easy for little hands to hold and allows the car to be steered forward in a straight line and corner in reverse. Simply get in and go - at full speed with the blue light to the next crime scene! The toy gives children the chance to feel like real heroes and explore the life of a police officer through play. Bring excitement to imaginative play and discover the big world of the SOS range at Dickie Toys!
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Sky Patrol

Rescue mission from above: action stations with the SOS Rescue Helicopter! The police keep watch from above and have everything in their sights: the rescue helicopter gives young heroes what they need to be on the spot at lightening speed. Whether it's an air rescue, accident or tricky police operation, the Dickie Toys SOS Rescue Helicopter enables children to experience exciting rescue missions as emergency helpers. With an opening tailgate, the helicopter provides plenty of stowage. Authentic light and sound effects conjure up a realistic atmosphere to provide exciting playtime fun. Batteries are included, so the helicopter is ready for immediate take-off. The rescue helicopter is a faithful recreation of an Airbus Helicopter H135, making it an action-packed gift idea for children. Give children an adventure-packed gift! The Dickie Toys SOS range guarantees entertainment and is a lifesaver on a rainy day.
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Police Boat

The police boat from the SOS series measures 23 cm and is recommended for children from age 3-5. Batteries are required (1x 1,5V LR6)
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